Pg 176-177: My Doppelganger

Besides having a double life- I also have a doppelgänger.


He’s actually my twin and he lives in South Korea.  No, he’s not evil but he chooses to live very close to it (if you consider North Korea evil, or NoKo as my brother calls it).   This week he visited with his wife and daughter, Da Won.


To celebrate, New York City decided to climb to one hundred degrees for four days in a row… and it’s killing me.  My Midwest blood wasn’t made to stand this temp.  I grew up where winter could start in October, go until April, and most people lost feeling in their ears by the age of ten.  I have friends who in January will declare it “T-shirt day” and strictly wear a t-shirt the entire day whether it’s 5 above or 5 below.  Superman might gain his power from the burning rays of our sun but his fortress of Solitude is in the arctic. So there’s that.


Anyways my niece, Da Won, couldn’t stand the heat either.  The only time she cried was when she was not in the shade.  Somehow though I managed to don my tights and get 2 more pages completed while taking them to Staten Island, Korea town, Central Park, and several museums.