P165-166, July 4th 2013

It’s a good thing that I draw.  At times I feel I have an addictive personality and if drawing didn’t cut it and I moved on to something more hardcore, like heroin, well I would have OD’ed ages ago.


I just went on a four week bender of crapping out pages (8 pages to be specific) and at the end of last week I fell to the ground burnt out with a pencil sticking out of my arm (figuratively, obviously). My attempt to take it easy over the weekend failed.  Especially since my manager at my day job started his 2 week vacation this past Monday.  Luckily the markets are closed today.  But instead of resting here I am in front of the drawing board completing the below page that I started 2 weeks ago.  I drew, I inked,  I scanned and splashed a little coloring around.  Once done I sat back and smiled.


Now on to the next 2 pages….

july 4th