Household Differences

In the past, Koreans would place small fires under the sides of their homes.  This in turn would heat the wood floors and keep them warm.

In present day that method of heating a room is similar, albeit without small dangerous fires under their buildings. But the same effect is had. Heating rooms thru the floorboards instead of blasting heat into the air as we do in the west, where we dry everything out. It is one of the things Koreans do far better than their western counterparts. 


My brother mentioned to me another aspect of Korean culture that is missing here in the west.  Drains in bathrooms. I’m not talking about in the tub or the sink (or if you really consider it- the toilet). This drain is in the center of the room.

It seems weird at first, but think about it.  Bathrooms get disgusting. Sometimes quickly.  It’d be far easier to just hose the room down and have the dirty water go down the drain in the floor.  I brought up this idea to people here in New York and they agreed.  We are doing this wrong when it comes to bathrooms.

Anyways, one scene left to rough before I am done and ready to edit and finalize. Getting pumped.


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