Creating comics with Procreate

This weekend I stumbled upon Procreate for the iPad.  If you haven’t heard of it before, imagine Photoshop’s basic features in a program that goes for only $6.00.  It has layers (though you are limited to about 3 total) with the same adjustments available (multiply, darken, etc.).  You also have the outline tool, transform capability, opacity, undo, and much more.  Add in the fact you draw with your hands or a stylus instead of clicking a mouse- mind-blowing.  Unfortunately I have the iPad 2 and as far as I am aware, it doesn’t allow pressure sensitive tools which would be great but it’s still a handy program.


But while researching Procreate and stylus tools I came across another program that I experimented with over the weekend and enjoyed just as much: Poser.  Poser is a 3D application for your desktop that allows you to pose computerized humans with complete camera angle command.  The control panels are a bit daunting but with a little playing around and tutorial watching I was able to find my way.  The benefits of this are huge as a reference source.  I haven’t tried it out too much but I hope Poser will be a go-to for tricky angles.