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Pg 176-177: My Doppelganger

Besides having a double life- I also have a doppelgänger.


He’s actually my twin and he lives in South Korea.  No, he’s not evil but he chooses to live very close to it (if you consider North Korea evil, or NoKo as my brother calls it).   This week he visited with his wife and daughter, Da Won.


To celebrate, New York City decided to climb to one hundred degrees for four days in a row… and it’s killing me.  My Midwest blood wasn’t made to stand this temp.  I grew up where winter could start in October, go until April, and most people lost feeling in their ears by the age of ten.  I have friends who in January will declare it “T-shirt day” and strictly wear a t-shirt the entire day whether it’s 5 above or 5 below.  Superman might gain his power from the burning rays of our sun but his fortress of Solitude is in the arctic. So there’s that.


Anyways my niece, Da Won, couldn’t stand the heat either.  The only time she cried was when she was not in the shade.  Somehow though I managed to don my tights and get 2 more pages completed while taking them to Staten Island, Korea town, Central Park, and several museums.

P165-166, July 4th 2013

It’s a good thing that I draw.  At times I feel I have an addictive personality and if drawing didn’t cut it and I moved on to something more hardcore, like heroin, well I would have OD’ed ages ago.


I just went on a four week bender of crapping out pages (8 pages to be specific) and at the end of last week I fell to the ground burnt out with a pencil sticking out of my arm (figuratively, obviously). My attempt to take it easy over the weekend failed.  Especially since my manager at my day job started his 2 week vacation this past Monday.  Luckily the markets are closed today.  But instead of resting here I am in front of the drawing board completing the below page that I started 2 weeks ago.  I drew, I inked,  I scanned and splashed a little coloring around.  Once done I sat back and smiled.


Now on to the next 2 pages….

july 4th

P17, Year 2009 (in the beginning)

In the year 2000 I was in my senior year of art school just south of downtown Milwaukee in a place they call the Third Ward.  I was a fine-arts drawing major, I listened to Radiohead, and I wanted to create illustrations for magazines such as Rolling Stone once I graduated.  I wasn’t breaking any molds here. I was naive like any other twenty-one year old about to step into the real world.  But something one of my drawing teachers said stuck with me.  He said that certain projects we would attempt in the future would take more than one hour to complete,  more than one drawing to solve, and that we might spend a large part of our life attempting to successfully reach this artistic endeavor.


To me this seemed far-fetched.  At the time I lived drawing to drawing and day to day.  But by 2006 I was growing increasingly bored by making one image after the other that didn’t hold some sort of connecting idea.  This was when I began writing Sacco.


The last 7 years this story has been with me and I worry that my memories won’t place Sacco and the journey I’ve taken with it appropriately.


This blog is meant to be a reminder.


Of mistakes along the way.


Of the breakthroughs I might forget.


One of the biggest motivators for me to start this blog is the image below.  At the time, my wife and I were living in an apartment building in Chicago with two of our closest friends living right down the hall.  They recently got married and were leaving the city in search of jobs in/around Milwaukee.  On the day I drew this both of them were not at home  (most likely in Milwaukee, since they were in the process of moving) and we had a spare key to their apartment.  I sat on one of the stools surrounding the island in their kitchen and worked with one light on in the darkness as the sun came up.  This page is the last memory of my friends living in Chicago.  A few months later, we were disappeared too- to New York.

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