Busted Steam Pipe

I live a double life.


By day I am a mild-mannered financial operations analyst, by night a guy fiercely drawing school shootings and girls with rabbit ears speaking gibberish.


It’s a struggle to keep both separate.  In the comics they always make it seem like the superhero is pulling off this tightrope act to keep their true identity concealed but it’s a bunch of crap.  Clark Kent wears his superman outfit under his clothes.  Which means he brings his other life to the office! Come on- He’s asking for everyone to find out!


“Oops! Sorry Clark.  I spilled coffee all over your finely pressed shirt. Take it off and I’ll get it cleaned for you.”


Bam- secret identity ruined (seriously, has this storyline ever been played out).


I at least have the common sense to leave my tights at home.  And that’s where my dilemma stems from.  You see, I draw the pages on the weekend and ink them on the weekdays.   That leaves me very little time.  It doesn’t help that my hand tightens up when I ink too long.  If I don’t take breaks every hour it can get painful.  Kryptonite painful.  And the ultimate goal is to start 2 new pages every Saturday.  So if I don’t get all the inking done during the week I either need to wake up earlier (4:30 am) to get an extra 2 hours in before going to the day job or else it waits until next week.    


And here in lies why leaving my tights at home causes me so much problems.  I work for a company that has offices all over Manhattan.  Yet my department runs specifically out of the southern most building on the island- 1 New York Plaza.  It’s right next to the Staten Island Ferry.  

  Getting to work is never the issue.  But when I leave EVERYONE is spilling coffee on me.  For instance:     It was reported as a busted steam pipe.  Never heard of it before.  But OK.  So the fire department supposedly came to check it out and they stayed in order to calm people down if they misunderstood what was going on.  I misunderstood what was going on, believing it to be serious because, well, the fire department was there.  The Bowling Green 4 and 5 train stop (the train stop I use to get home) is right across the street from where the steam is emitting from.   I’m about a block away from work when I took this picture and about 73+ blocks to my tights (drawing board).  It’s never easy to get to my tights.     What makes this steam incident worse is that a few of my coworkers actually worked in the World Trade Center.  Thankfully they were on a floor relatively close to the ground.  Here in 1 New York Plaza we were located on one of those “floors relatively close to the ground” yet recently were moved to the top floors of this 40 story building.  They were not happy about this and strange incidents (like the above) in the Financial District only add to the intensity.


For a short time my tights got a little closer when Hurricane Sandy hit last October and partially flooded the basement and 1st level of 1 New York Plaza.  We were moved to a building a block away from Times Square and an easy 15 minute ride back home.  The last week of December 2012 we returned home to 1 NYP.  (Thank god too- I would have been stuck at work until 8pm on 12/31/12 and then I would have had to deal with a new year’s mob right outside.)