Epithet for a King

It’s not every day that we are needed.   This is the quote by Samuel Beckett that precedes the novel “Hologram for a King” written by Dave Eggers.  If he had chosen to omit it and let the reader wander unfocused through the story I don’t think the desired effect would have been achieved.  Hologram for a King is about Alan Clay, a man that used to run a bike manufacturing company in the Midwest that closed its doors after outsourcing.  He lives in an empty house and watches old Red Sox DVDs.  His neighbor after discovering transcendentalism walks into

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Reference Material

When I was four I was immensely into tracing paper.  So much so my parents would perform this song-and-dance routine treating it as a big-ticket item burning a hole in their pocket.  But I knew it wasn’t costing them an arm and a leg as they purported it to be.  Tracing paper was cheap.  Still is.  But to their point, I’ll admit moderation wasn’t in my vocabulary.  I use to chain-trace images with barely a breath in between.  At my worst I was probably tracing two to three packs a day.  My composure towards tracing paper was that of a

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Spare Arms Needed

    I wish I had more time.   Or more arms.   And here’s why:  I want to draw a short story where I’m on a plane flying to China when it hits me- I forgot to learn how to speak Mandarin.  It probably happens to many people.  It’s one of those things like forgetting to turn off the oven.   Luckily the guy in the seat parallel to mine tells me not to worry.  He proclaims that with a little bit of guidance, his guidance, I can speak perfect Chinese.  Wonderful!  Perfect! Problem solved.  Not with standing, this

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Snow, Snow, Snow

Every few days it dumps snow all over New York and it seems never ending. The snow is okay.  The part I hate are the pedestrians.  They turn into idiots when that sidewalk gets slick.  Plus their cellphones are still glued to their eyes.  Personal safety, schmersonal safety.   I’m still tinkering with elements of this site.  I am having trouble making images larger so I haven’t posted any more pages for Sacco.  But soon……   I’m currently  re-drawing certain pages from chapter one and two.  I’d like to focus strictly on the next chapter but when asked to see

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Chapter 4 -back on the horse

This past weekend I began drawing chapter four.   If I have calculated it right- I should finish it next December.   However during the down time between chapter three and four I’ve been prepping documents to send to publishers.  I found, an online printer, and had them print the first twenty pages of the book for me as a test run. What they produced far surpassed my expectations.   In addition I’ve been attempting to build this website (the one you’re on now) which has been one huge headache.  I do not know why the wordpress program would be

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Winter Break

Had some time to draw without purpose and let my mind run.   I drew this image and decided to give it to my brother-in-law.  Working right now on edits for the first three chapters and setting up chapter four while preparing submissions to publishers.  Learning a lot of new processes which bring many headaches.  When I return to drawing it will feel like a relief.    

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Do you like novels with talking sheep and cities that have a population consisting entirely of cats?   Well I do.   Or course I’m talking about, Haruki Murakami, Japan’s most famous novelist.  Here’s an excerpt from a recent article where a journalist  describes why Haruki  began writing:   And then there was an epiphany. “Yes, epiphany is the word,” he says.   It is, he says, the only truly weird thing that has ever happened to him. He was watching a baseball game between the Yakult Swallows and the Hiroshima Carp one day in April 1978. A US player

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It Was Meant To Be

“It was meant to be.”   I overheard a co-worker say this.  She was talking about how she landed a job at the company where I pretend to be Clark Kent.  She was unemployed looking for work. Things were really about to hit the fan when out of the blue she receives a phone call from an old associate of hers that inquired if she needed work.  That’s was how everything fell into place for her.   It’s a well-played story line.  I’ve overheard it many times over. Like:   “Everything happens for a reason.”   “It was destiny.”  

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Pg 176-177: My Doppelganger

Besides having a double life- I also have a doppelgänger.   He’s actually my twin and he lives in South Korea.  No, he’s not evil but he chooses to live very close to it (if you consider North Korea evil, or NoKo as my brother calls it).   This week he visited with his wife and daughter, Da Won.   To celebrate, New York City decided to climb to one hundred degrees for four days in a row… and it’s killing me.  My Midwest blood wasn’t made to stand this temp.  I grew up where winter could start in October,

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Busted Steam Pipe

I live a double life.   By day I am a mild-mannered financial operations analyst, by night a guy fiercely drawing school shootings and girls with rabbit ears speaking gibberish.   It’s a struggle to keep both separate.  In the comics they always make it seem like the superhero is pulling off this tightrope act to keep their true identity concealed but it’s a bunch of crap.  Clark Kent wears his superman outfit under his clothes.  Which means he brings his other life to the office! Come on- He’s asking for everyone to find out!   “Oops! Sorry Clark.  I

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