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Long Time No See

    Sorry guys. It’s been a long time (quite a long time) since my last post. I started focusing on completing Sacco and so the posts became scarce.  I’ve heard the saying “your first graphic novel is used to sell/publish your second graphic novel.” I do know cases where that is true (and not true)- so, yeah, here it is. I sent samples to publishers and got a decent amount of responses, but all passes. Sacco is not a light story, so it’s understandable that it won’t fit with certain publishers’ image of what they produce. I am working

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Snow, Snow, Snow

Every few days it dumps snow all over New York and it seems never ending. The snow is okay.  The part I hate are the pedestrians.  They turn into idiots when that sidewalk gets slick.  Plus their cellphones are still glued to their eyes.  Personal safety, schmersonal safety.   I’m still tinkering with elements of this site.  I am having trouble making images larger so I haven’t posted any more pages for Sacco.  But soon……   I’m currently  re-drawing certain pages from chapter one and two.  I’d like to focus strictly on the next chapter but when asked to see

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End of Year edits

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I’ve been busy with the holidays and processing edits on the first 20 pages.  Getting ready to start chapter 4 after the New Year.

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P 190- meet up with aspiring comic book creators

I decided to go to a meeting for aspiring comic book creators in NYC.  I agreed to it and then forced myself not to think about it.  Meeting new people is difficult.  Throw in the fact you’re opening up about something close to you, something you’ve placed a lot of work into and it can be a bit nerve-racking.  If I pulled anything away from my art school critique experiences its that  the usual annoying personalities will be there-but hoped a few good eggs show up too.   I was not disappointed to see both groups well represented.   One

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P 182- 183: E’s getting hitched

Erin’s Wedding in Wisco this weekend.  I’m still dragging my feet here- only finishing two pages in three weeks.  I feel like a snail.  But after this I have three weeks until the next wedding so six more pages will get done and then seven to go (or three more weeks).   Why is it still hot, New York? 92 degrees today, really?  Fall hurry up!  

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P 180-181- Upstream Color

Nervous Wreak City.  I’m planning on visiting it this weekend.  I heard the weather sucks there but after the week I had at my day job I might as well get hyper-critical about my drawings and buy a one-way ticket to NWC.   From my recent frolic in Central Park with my old friend Blair, I was reminded of an interview with Shane Carruth, the creator of the films Primer and Upstream Color.  His first film, Primer, he made for under $7,000- but during the process of putting it together he had nervous breakdowns almost every three weeks.  So much

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P178-179- Maniac

As I said before, numbers make things important.   I counted this week and I have seven weeks of work to do before I finish drawing chapter Three.  I can’t believe it. (alright I can- I’ve been barely sleeping).  If I can finish prior to November, which will be a stretch with a vacation weekend in Rhode Island, two weddings in the Midwest to attend, and Packer season about to begin, then I might have enough time to revise the beginning twenty pages and start the fourth chapter process before 2014.   Phew!   This weekend my wife’s friend from med

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