Amsterdam Abortion Drivers

Recently I got back from a small vacation to Barcelona and Lisbon.  I love traveling.  Especially seeing the variations in how people go about their daily lives versus how we do it at home.  For instance, in Amsterdam, a majority  of the public rides bicycles.  They estimated that there are four times as many bicycles as cars there.  And Amsterdam has the only museum in the world that you can bike thru.

Needless to say, crossing the street there can be a chore.  With two lanes of bikes, where people are driving far faster than Americans do, two lanes of cars and two lanes of trams, it looks like a devilish game of frogger.  Even on the small side streets there is heavy bike traffic.   It wouldn’t be surprising to see (or maybe it would be) some people biking while using their phones.

One of the aspects we wanted to focus on with Chewy was the differences between our cultures, Korean and American.  Up top is a recent page I finished.  In it, Chewy and Clint are hashing out the divergence on the birthing process timeline- with Koreans believing the birthing process takes ten months while western cultures clock it at taking nine months.  On top of that, Koreans believe that when you are born you’re already a 1 year old, as you grew for ten months in your mother’s womb. Which sounds strange but when you think about it, is actually true.  You don’t starting aging/growing the second you see the sun.  It beginning when you actually begin, wouldn’t it?  But I guess that is the line we argue about here in the west when it comes to abortion, right? So I’m going to leave you here, and try to stay out of that bike lane if I can.

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