Adding Color

Now that I am done with the full roughs of the book, I’m prepping the pages for the printers.  That way I can hold it in my hands and get a feel or better sense of what adjustments will need to be made.

I’m also working out my color plan.  Sacco was greyscale, so I didn’t need to think about this too much.  I’ve ben screens hotting color swatches and panels from comics as I’ve been getting close to the ends of the roughs.  One colorist I really enjoy is Matt Wilson.  His work on the series, Paper Girls.

Each scene has their own color swatches that don’t necessarily follow real world colors (e.g.- the key above is purple tinted, but actually is silver colored).  Matt is one of the best in the business right now.  Just look at any page of this book and the color enhances Chaing’s already great artwork to such a higher level.  Three elements of his style I want to incorporate into Chewy Now.

  1. I like how he doesn’t go to overboard with shadows and yet still presents a complex scene.  This hopefully will reduce the amount of work on my end.
  2. The word balloons don’t have the traditional black outline and creates a nice push of the white on the surrounding colors.
  3. He uses this technique called “knockouts” on the inked line of the face, such as the nose and cheek lines to create subtle depth in figures.

The top figure of the post is one of my color tests. And same with the below.

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