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Chewy Noh vs Sacco

My process from start to finish of Sacco took close to 9 years of drawing. I am attempting to be much faster on Chewy Noh.  One element I am correcting is creating roughs for the entire book before finishing any page to completion. So far I am 130 pages in (of roughs) with, hopefully, not too much more to go.  I started in April 2017 and have completed 3 of 5 chapters.  It’s hard, obviously with a day job and other commitments, to keep a steady pace.  I feel giving myself daily goals has helped me tremendously to meet those

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Long Time No See

    Sorry guys. It’s been a long time (quite a long time) since my last post. I started focusing on completing Sacco and so the posts became scarce.  I’ve heard the saying “your first graphic novel is used to sell/publish your second graphic novel.” I do know cases where that is true (and not true)- so, yeah, here it is. I sent samples to publishers and got a decent amount of responses, but all passes. Sacco is not a light story, so it’s understandable that it won’t fit with certain publishers’ image of what they produce. I am working

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Finalized Noh

Here’s the completed cover to the fourth Chewy Noh.  I’ve also added a few more pencil I’ve completed.  I should be done with chapter 6 by the end of March.  Then 3 more chapters to go.

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New stuff

Working on the cover for the fourth book of Chewy Noh.  Will post it once I’m finished but here is a sketch along with a few random pages I’ve drawn for Sacco.  I’m aiming to finish drawing the entire story this year.   Fingers crossed.    

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