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Broccoli Bully

The language differences between Korean and English are interesting too.   They use many english words but pronounce them differently.  Since their accents aren’t as ranged, they have trouble understanding even a slight difference in pronunciation , like Broccoli. My brother said he went to a market and asked for it the english way (Bra-ca-li) not the Korean way (Bro-co-li).  They ended up giving him Korean rice wine pronounced Ma-ka-li. He also noticed english is more aggressive.  We have a word for a kid that picks on other kids- Bully.  In Korean they have a word for the kid that

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Jump rope will make you taller

A lot of Koreans are short- particularly girls.  My brother told me that for some reason a common myth passed down to children is jumping rope will make you taller- because you’re fighting gravity.  He would tell them he never did much jump rope and they were amazed (He is over 6 feet tall).   Koreans used to take pride in their small stature.  There was a Korean saying “ A smaller pepper is hotter”, but that idea has faded with Korea’s application of Western ideals in the past 30 plus years.  They even have clinics where parents send their

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Adding Color

Now that I am done with the full roughs of the book, I’m prepping the pages for the printers.  That way I can hold it in my hands and get a feel or better sense of what adjustments will need to be made. I’m also working out my color plan.  Sacco was greyscale, so I didn’t need to think about this too much.  I’ve ben screens hotting color swatches and panels from comics as I’ve been getting close to the ends of the roughs.  One colorist I really enjoy is Matt Wilson.  His work on the series, Paper Girls. Each

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Household Differences

In the past, Koreans would place small fires under the sides of their homes.  This in turn would heat the wood floors and keep them warm. In present day that method of heating a room is similar, albeit without small dangerous fires under their buildings. But the same effect is had. Heating rooms thru the floorboards instead of blasting heat into the air as we do in the west, where we dry everything out. It is one of the things Koreans do far better than their western counterparts.    My brother mentioned to me another aspect of Korean culture that

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