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Finalized Noh

Here’s the completed cover to the fourth Chewy Noh.  I’ve also added a few more pencil I’ve completed.  I should be done with chapter 6 by the end of March.  Then 3 more chapters to go.  

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New stuff

Working on the cover for the fourth book of Chewy Noh.  Will post it once I’m finished but here is a sketch along with a few random pages I’ve drawn for Sacco.  I’m aiming to finish drawing the entire story this year.   Fingers crossed. and a final look at the last page I posted.  

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Long time, No see

I know, I know.  It’s been a while between posts.  I’ve been busy.  I’ve finished the thumbnails for the entire story and have started drawing the rest.  (this is what I am currently working on)         I’ve also been doing some things on the side.  Here is the cover to Chewy Noh‘s third book. Hopefully I’ll have some more stuff to show soon.

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Sur Goodwin

I finished “American Dog of War” a few weeks ago for a GreyHaven Comics anthology and have been working on a story written by my brother for my Niece, Da Won.   Below is a frame from the prior project.

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